6 Benefits of Massage After a Workout

person receiving massage after workout

How A Post Workout Massage Benefits You

After a long and hard workout, a relaxing massage is well-needed. Besides being comforting for your mind and body, there are many other massage benefits after a workout. Receiving a massage after working out helps decrease muscle fatigue and pain by decreasing inflammation and shortening recovery by accelerating cell recovery. 

The important thing to remember is that you should get a massage as directly after exercising in order to help the body bounce back faster after rigorous training.  In that case, you will be able to work out again much sooner. In addition, a massage after exercising also provides advantages such as reduced tension, waste removal, increased muscle strength, and an enhanced sense of peace and relaxation. 

A major benefit of getting a massage after a workout is an increase in blood circulation to the muscles which assists repair any injured tissue. Blood circulation to the muscles after workouts is critical for transporting nutrients to the body tissue, allowing them to rebuild faster. Exercise is frequently draining and may even have mental impacts on the body. Normal post-exercise massage can help to alleviate depressive episodes, increase positivity, decrease anxiety, and encourage the body to revert to a workout regimen.

Post Workout Massage Benefits

1) Muscle Recovery

If you frequently go to the gym, you have most likely been wounded at a certain point in your life. A post-workout massage helps decrease athletic injuries by massaging the deep tissue, enhancing flexibility, and attempting to lessen your likelihood of getting injured.  Proper blood flow is required in your muscles for cells to try to heal. A massage post-workout helps increase circulation to allow smoother blood circulation to the muscles, therefore assisting in their rehabilitation. 

2) Improves Blood Circulation

A healthy circulatory system helps relieve symptoms of inflammation and will also aid in boosting your immune system. Proper blood circulation is the secret to staying healthy, looking fresh, and feeling alive and energetic! Improved blood flow boosts your body’s immune system, brings headaches down to a minimum, and enhances your future workouts! 

3) Boosts Serotonin Levels Substantially 

We are all stressed and anxious as a result of our everyday lives. Being exposed to these pressures wears us down and causes us to completely disregard our well-being. The ideal solution for decreasing stress, anxiety, and negativity, is by getting a relaxing massage that benefits your body and mind. Serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine are the 3 main chemicals in your nervous system that serve to boost your emotions and mood. During a post-workout massage, the three chemicals tend to rise substantially! 

4) Reduce Post-Workout Inflammation

Inflammation is characterized by injured body tissues, which may lead to swelling. In addition, it decreases blood circulation, allowing your muscles to fully heal and recover. As previously stated, receiving a post-workout massage enhances blood circulation in the body and helps reduce inflammation.

5) Pain Relief

Your muscles are overstretched and tense after a gym session, which is likely to lead to joint pains. The excellent thing is that even a very quick massage of a few minutes can help ease stress and pain in your muscles and even your mind. Please note that you can request that your massage therapist concentrates on the part of your body that needs it the most after working out. 

6) Counteracts Bad Posture And Soreness From Sitting All Day

Massage therapy is an excellent way to alleviate pain, improve posture, and get back on the right track. Massage therapy helps improve posture by enhancing the spine’s natural shape. It accomplishes this by elongating and widening up the muscle strength in the upper body, then loosening up any tensions that are leading to your bad posture, thus resulting in a  healthy posture. Finally, by loosening and calming your muscles, it encourages them to begin moving more. 

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