4 Simple Ways to Unwind Stress and Sleep More Soundly at Night

4 Simple Ways to Unwind Stress and Sleep More Soundly at Night

A good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Of all the life hassles, with hectic schedules, children, and a slew of other distractions, obtaining enough sleep is more difficult than it appears. So, how can you not just go to bed earlier, but also sleep more soundly and wake up relaxed? Here are some some ways to unwind and fall asleep without having to wake up after every hour.

1. Follow a scheduled bed time:

Regular bedtimes and wake-up hours help in regulating your body’s internal clock. You can even program your sleep regimen into your phone, making it easier to stay on track. Get into bed at a fixed time and wake up as soon as your alarm rings. Keep away all the distractions like mobile phones when you’re falling asleep to make sure you don’t miss out on getting a good night’s sleep. Once you start doing this, your body will naturally adjust itself according to your timetable and you won’t have to force yourself to follow a schedule.

2. Enhance your sleeping environment:

Your sleeping environment plays a major role in the kind of sleep you get. Make sure that your room’s temperature is set according to your comfort level, you have low lights, your bed is neat and clean, your pillow is soft and you have a humidifier next to you. All these arrangements aren’t too expensive and can really help in improving your sleep quality. Plus, make sure you’re wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

3. Do not eat before bed:

Most people often make the mistake of having food right before their bed time. This not only makes you gain weight but also causes indigestion and acidity. Always have light meals at night that too at least two to three hours before you hop into your bed. Avoid drinking coffee or other things containing caffeine as they may also cause you to stay awake for longer periods.

4. Get a massage:

One of the easiest (and most relaxing) ways you can unwind and get better sleep is by getting a massage from a professional. A trained and experienced massage therapist can help you identify what type of massage is best for you. Not all massages are the same, and each kind is designed to target different types of stress causing issues. For example, a deep tissue massage targets facia, tendons, and the deepest layers of muscle tissues closest to your bones and joints which can help alleviate chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance. Lastly, getting a massage and relieving all of your stress can lead to a healthier and more soundly sleep.

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