Should You Shave Before A Massage Session?

woman shaving before a massage

Is Shaving Required Before Getting a Massage?

If you have ever wondered, “should I shave before a massage”, you wouldn’t be the first person to ask! Week after week, we have clients apologizing for not shaving before their appointment. We have good news for those clients! It’s not necessary to shave prior to getting a massage. Most times the massage therapist will not realize it or mind it at all if they did notice. A spa will not demand you to remove your body hair before your appointment. In reality, whether you decide to shave or keep your body hair is entirely up to you.

Why Would Someone Shave Before A Massage?

If your body hair has grown out and you dislike the way it looks, given that the massage therapist will be directly touching your skin, you might want to shave to feel better and more confident during your appointment. With that being said, that is one of the main reasons people shave prior to getting a spa treatment. If shaving before your session provides you with more comfort and confidence during your massage, then go for it!  However, if you do decide to shave, it is important to not do so on the day of your appointment. Instead, it is important to shave at least two days before your massage session, as to avoid irritation on your freshly shaved skin. 

Why Is It Not Recommended To Shave Before A Massage?

If you believe you need to shave before a massage in order to feel the full effect, you are wrong. Our licensed massage therapists are fully trained and skilled, therefore they apply extra massage oil to seamlessly maneuver through the hair. Simply put, as long as you are comfortable, you can enjoy all the benefits of a massage. 

Furthermore, if you already have sensitive skin, you should skip the shaving and keep your body hair before getting a massage. Massages frequently require some level of friction or tension on the skin, which could cause irritation or discomfort, especially on newly shaved sensitive skin. There are many more beneficial things to do prior to your massage session than shaving. 

We understand that the question of “should I shave before a massage” will linger in your mind, but it is important to remember that massage therapy is a real form of therapy. With that being said, you are getting a massage to help you relax, both mentally and physically, regardless of whether you have a fully shaved body or not. 

A massage is meant to help you decrease any pain or tension in your body, improve your mood, help with body movement, and destress after a tiring phase of life. All of these benefits will continue to happen, regardless of your physical appearance. So next time you question whether you should shave before a massage, just remember, your visit to a spa is for your emotional wellbeing and physical health, rather than your body’s appearance! 

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